2.2N.M NEMA 24 Brake Stepper Motor 500VDC

Basic Information
Place of Origin: JIANGSU,CHINA
Brand Name: Prostepper
Certification: CE.ISO.ROHS.
Model Number: PST60H268-4L40M
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 38.5*24*23
Delivery Time: 7-25 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C,
Supply Ability: 250000pcs /per month
Model: PST60H268-4L40M Color: Black&Sliver
Inductance: 1.2mH/Phase Dielectric Strength: 500VDC For 1 Minute
Label: Custom Motor Current: 4A
High Light:

NEMA 24 Brake Stepper Motor


500VDC Brake Stepper Motor


2.2N.M Nema 24 Stepper Motor

2.2N.M NEMA24 Brake Stepper Motor 1.8 Degree​


Bipolar motors

Bipolar motors have a single winding per phase. The current in a winding needs to be reversed in order to reverse a magnetic pole, so the driving circuit must be more complicated, typically with an H-bridge arrangement (however there are several off-the-shelf driver chips available to make this a simple affair). There are two leads per phase, none is common.

A typical driving pattern for a two coil bipolar stepper motor would be: A+ B+ A− B−. I.e. drive coil A with positive current, then remove current from coil A; then drive coil B with positive current, then remove current from coil B; then drive coil A with negative current (flipping polarity by switching the wires e.g. with an H bridge), then remove current from coil A; then drive coil B with negative current (again flipping polarity same as coil A); the cycle is complete and begins anew.

Static friction effects using an H-bridge have been observed with certain drive topologies.

Dithering the stepper signal at a higher frequency than the motor can respond to will reduce this "static friction" effect.



Product description




Model PST60H268-4L40M PST60H286-4L50M
Holding Torque 2.2N.m 3.2N.m
Related Current 4A/Phase 5A/Phase
Resistance 0.5Ω/Phase 0.4Ω/Phase
Inductance 1.2MH/Phase 2MH/Phase
Inertia 340g.cm² 690g.cm²
Black Torque 1.3N.m 1.3N.m


Radial Load&Axial Load

Motor Size Shaft Diameter (mm) Radial Load (N) Axial Load (N)
Distance from Mounting Surface (mm)
5 10 15 20 25 30 35
NEMA8 4 15 12         3
NEMA 11 5 50 35 25       5
NEMA 14 5 50 35 25 20 10
NEMA 17 5 50 35 25 20   15
NEMA 23 8 270 180 130 100 90   20
NEMA 24 8 200 135 100 82 58 30
NEMA 34 14 620 550 480 390 340 290 260 60

           2.2N.M NEMA 24 Brake Stepper Motor 500VDC 02.2N.M NEMA 24 Brake Stepper Motor 500VDC 1

2.2N.M NEMA 24 Brake Stepper Motor 500VDC 2


     2.2N.M NEMA 24 Brake Stepper Motor 500VDC 3



       Applications of Stepper Motors


Computer controlled stepper motors are a type of motion-control positioning system. They are typically digitally controlled as part of an open loop system for use in holding or positioning applications.

In the field of lasers and optics they are frequently used in precision positioning equipment such as linear actuators, linear stages, rotation stages, goniometers, and mirror mounts. Other uses are in packaging machinery, and positioning of valve pilot stages for fluid control systems.

Commercially, stepper motors are used in floppy disk drives, flatbed scanners, computer printers, plotters, slot machines, image scanners, compact disc drives, intelligent lighting, camera lenses, CNC machines and, more recently, in 3D printers.


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