57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: prostepper
Certification: CE/ISO/ROHS
Model Number: PST57H265-4P20
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 38.5*24*23 cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 250000pcs per month
Name: Nema23 Stepper Motor Motor Frame Size: 57mm
Holding Torque: 1.7N.m Related Current: 2A/Phase
Weight: 0.85kg Length: 64.5mm
High Light:

57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor


Nema 23 Hybrid Stepper Motor


57mm 2 phase stepper motor

Nema 23 57mm high torque Hybird stepper motor for pump 1.8 degree


Applications of hybrid stepper motor :Medical equipment,Printer,Scanner, Sewing machine, Monitoring Equipment, Robot,and so on.


Our products from the factory on the date, if quality problems, 1 year free replacement. Please Take good care of the product label.


Our brand: Prostepper


Certification: ISO9001/ISO19001, CE, ROHS


Prostepper brand motor always have own calling system as below:

·57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor 0



57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor 1


The product detailed specification of 2 phase 57mm hybrid stepper motor can be refered as below:


Mode No PST57H242-4P10




Holding Torque 0.6N.m
Related Current 1A/Phase 2A/Phase 3A/Phase
Resistance 4.2 Ω/Phase 1.2Ω /Phase 0.51Ω/Phase
Inductance 8.9MH/Phase 2.1MH/Phase 1MH/Phase
Inertia 140g.cm2
Weight 0.46kgs
Length 42.5mm
Connection P


Mode No PST57H245-4P10




Holding Torque 0.8N.m
Related Current 1A/Phase 2A/Phase 3A/Phase
Resistance 4.7 Ω/Phase 1.25Ω /Phase 0.57Ω/Phase
Inductance 10.8MH/Phase 2.7MH/Phase 1.2MH/Phase
Inertia 180g.cm2
Weight 0.52kgs
Length 45.5mm
Connection P


Mode No PST57H251-4P10




Holding Torque 0.8N.m
Related Current 1A/Phase 2A/Phase 3A/Phase
Resistance 4.7 Ω/Phase 1.25Ω /Phase 0.57Ω/Phase
Inductance 10.8MH/Phase 2.7MH/Phase 1.2MH/Phase
Inertia 180g.cm2
Weight 0.52kgs
Length 45.5mm
Connection P


Mode No PST57H255-4P20




Holding Torque 1.2N.m
Related Current 2A/Phase 3A/Phase 4A/Phase
Resistance 1.6 Ω/Phase 0.7Ω /Phase 0.45Ω/Phase
Inductance 5.2MH/Phase 2.4MH/Phase 1.4MH/Phase
Inertia 280g.cm2
Weight 0.72kgs
Length 55.5mm
Connection P


Mode No PST57H265-4P20




Holding Torque 1.7N.m
Related Current 2A/Phase 3A/Phase 4A/Phase
Resistance 2 Ω/Phase 0.9Ω /Phase 0.5Ω/Phase
Inductance 6MH/Phase 2.7MH/Phase 1.6MH/Phase
Inertia 280g.cm2
Weight 0.72kgs
Length 55.5mm
Connection P


Mode No PST57H276-4P30




Holding Torque 2N.m
Related Current 3A/Phase 4A/Phase 5A/Phase
Resistance 1.1Ω/Phase 0.65Ω /Phase 0.37Ω/Phase
Inductance 4.2MH/Phase 2.35MH/Phase 1.8MH/Phase
Inertia 480g.cm2
Weight 1.1kgs
Length 76.5mm
Connection P                                               L


Mode No PST57H280-4P30



Holding Torque 2.2N.m
Related Current 3A/Phase 4A/Phase 5A/Phase
Resistance 1.2Ω/Phase 0.65Ω /Phase 0.36Ω/Phase
Inductance 4.5MH/Phase 2.5MH/Phase 1.76MH/Phase
Inertia 520g.cm2
Weight 1.2kgs
Length 80.5mm
Connection P L


Mode No PST57H2100-4L40



Holding Torque 3N.m
Related Current A/Phase 5A/Phase
Resistance 0.88Ω/Phase 0.5Ω /Phase
Inductance 3.2MH/Phase 2.MH/Phase
Inertia 720
Weight 1.5
Length 101
Connection L

57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor 2


This Figure Dimensions (Unit=mm) ,  shows a dual-shaft motor. The single-shaft motor does not have the blue part shaft and the * mark hole demensions.

Model    L
PST57H242 42.5mm
PST57H245 45.5mm
PST57H251 51.5mm
PST57H255 55.5mm
PST57H265 64.5mm
PST57H276 76.5mm
PST57H280 80.5mm
PST57H2100 101mm


Speed/Torque Characteristics (Reference Value)


57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor 3

Advantage of our stepper motor


1. For Prostepper, the customer is not only a buyer, but also a long-term business partner. We work not only to meet their expectations, but also to exceed them through continuous cycles of learning.

2. We believe it is the key to a successful business relationship that understanding our customer's goals, delivering what our customers need and when they need it.

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Stepping Motor Working Principle


Stepper motor is an inductive motor, it works by using electronic circuits, DC current supply phase sequence control, powered by this kind of current, step motor can work regularly. The driver is the multi-phase timing controller that provides the stepping motor with time-sharing power. Though stepper motor has been widely applied, but it is not like a normal DC motor. To use AC motors in general operation, it only can work since it must be composed of double pulse signal, power driving circuit control system. Thus, it is not easy to use stepper motors properly, it involves in machinery,motor,electronic,computer and other professional knowledge.


How to Overcome the Disadvantages of Stepping Motor


Vibration and noise is the inherent shortcomings of stepper motors, when they are rotating in low speed, generally we can adopt the following solutions to overcome:

A. For instance, a step motor is working in resonance district, it can avoid resonance district by changing reduction ratio and other mechanical rotation.

B. There is also a commonly used and easiest method, that is to match a driver with subdivision function.

C. Using a step motor with smaller step angle, such as 3-phase or 5-phase stepper motor.

D. Exchanging into servo motor, it can almost overcome vibration and noise completely, but the cost is too high;

E. Adding magnetic damping device on a step motor, it is already come into the market , but the mechanical structure would be changed a lot.


Prostepper also provide OEM and ODM for a lot of BRAND-NAME companies.


Welcome to ask the problem about stepper motor , we hope to provide you best service.


1. Q: How to choose the suitable stepper motor?

A: There are serveral important items: size, length of stepper motor, holding torque, voltage, current etc.After confirm some them and told us, we can send you the suitable one.


2. Q: Any other methods to finalize the model?

A: Sure, you can send us the model you are using, we can hep you find out the most suitable one.

3.Q: Can I get some samples?

A: We are honored to offer you samples for quality check.

4.Q:What's your warranty terms?

A:One-year warranty and lifelong repair.



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